Modular Electronics Inc.

11205 Alpharetta Hwy. suite B-3. Roswell, Ga.30076

(770)410-1122 or (770)642-6259

Located on Alpharetta Hwy. , north of Mansell Rd. in Roswell Professional Park office center

Specializing in home audio component repair, modification and sales since 1992.

Amplifiers, preamps, Transports and DACs, CD players, Turn tables, Speakers, cassette and reel to reel decks, home theater components.

We mend, service, repair, overhaul audio and hi-fi equipment. We do not offer "quick fixes", neither are we a dealer or retailer trying to sell you something new. We just put things right, make them work, and if possible, we make them work like new. In some cases, we do circuit modifications and make them work better than new. This can range from vintage receivers from the 1930's, right up to some of the finest modern hi-fi's of the 21st century. We also custom design and custom built audio equipment.

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We are specialized in hi-end tube amplifier repairs. Any brand of modern and vintage tube gear.

With many years of experience in tube circuit design and development, we understand tube gear. We can trouble shoot and service your tube preamp, amp or tuner even when there is no service manual or schematic is available. Most importantly, we are also music lovers. We understand acoustics and sound stage. We can make your precious electronics not only to function correctly, but also to sound right.

Is your stereo system broken?

We also service many brands of consumer electronics solid state audio equipment. From simple two channel stereo receivers to multi channel surround sound receivers, CD players, cassette decks, turn tables, speakers etc.

Adcom, Bang & Olufsen, Denon, Pioneer, Marantz, Sony, Yamaha

and many more.


We do repair and restore most brands of vintage audio gear.

When spares are not available, we have the required knowledge and data to substitute and repair. Our facilities include basic woodwork and metalwork, for re-construction, and modification when required, as well as, as you would expect, full electronic research and development facilities. If another repairer has told you that spare parts are not available, he may be right - but. That BUT is a very big but! For example, if the output transistors of an old amplifier have failed, it is not unusual to find that transistors of that type number are not available, but that other suitable substitutes are currently in stock! It can happen that we are unable to find spares, but then we either modify the equipment to use other parts - or make them! With rare exceptions, all repairs are carried out by Benny Amina, who has over 25 years of professional experience, (it was a teenage hobby before then!). Or, as I have often said, "put another way - nice people like you bring me interesting equipment to work on - then actually pay me for it! What better way to earn a living! For you, the benefit is, happy in my work, I do my best for you.")

We take pride in our service. Quality workmanship with reasonable rates. All work guaranteed.

At Modular Electronics, the repair guarantee is for six months. Clear, bold, in writing, and unambiguous. There are no unreasonable exclusion clauses.

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We have ultra hi-fidelity custom built speakers and rebuilt name brand audio gear for sale. Trade-ins are welcome.

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Store hours are 10:00 am to 7:00 pm, Monday through Friday and 10:00 am to 4:00 pm on Saturdays.

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11205 Alpharetta HWY. Ste. B-3

Roswell, Ga.30076

(770)410-1122 or (770)642-6259

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